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Iron Therapy Fundrasier

Save the date!! 9/19/21

We are honored and humbled that SGT Lohman has decided to put together a day of lifting, laughing, crying, PRS, stories and more @pro_fitdeerpark in Long Island on Sunday, September 19, 2021 from 9:30AM - 1 PM. All proceeds will be donated to the Reps For Responders charity, 501c3! There will be a great amount of vendors, with a kids class and open gym at 10 AM, speakers and local first responders on scene! Anyone interested in setting up a table reach out to us or @huge_fat_loser.

Our mission at Reps For Responders is to increase the emotional and physical survivability and skills of First Responders so they can make improved decisions while they are working and at home. Of course number one...prevent suicide. With that being said we provide multiple pathways to living a more resilient career and life after! The culture associated with being a first responder values stoic self-reliance, and there is a stigma around seeking mental health treatment, especially among first responders. As a result, many first responders will opt to self-medicate with substances or die by suicide rather than ask for help. We want to be a part of the culture shift that values and encourages first responder wellness.

This event is to bring not only first responders together but the public and EVERYONE together...with that all of us being...all in. We can’t thank @huge_fat_loser and @pro_fitdeerpark enough! Hope to see you there!