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Chris is a retired Master Texas Peace Officer, a lifelong Texas resident, currently residing in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. He grew up on a family farm in northeast Texas which provided a wealth of life experiences, common sense, logical-critical thinking, and a unique vernacular.
Chris served as a city police officer, Texas State Trooper, Narcotics Investigator, Texas Ranger, and Special Agent. Chris also served on the peer support and critical incident response teams for the Texas Department of Public Safety. During his time with the Texas Rangers, Chris was involved in many high-profile investigations and served on the Company ā€œDā€ Public Integrity team, the Company ā€œDā€ Crime Scene Team & Leica Scan Team, Texas Ranger Shooting Incident Reconstruction Team, Texas Ranger Officer Involved Shooting Working Group, and Graduated Session 43 National Forensics Academy at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
Chris is an aspiring entrepreneur, novice angler, father of two daughters, husband to one woman, and slave to no man. Chris is active in his local church and volunteers with the safety team. He is committed to using his experience, strength, and hope, to help other first responders and veterans to avoid the pitfalls of prolonged and repeated exposure to mental trauma. Chris is an advocate for improved mental health and chemical dependency treatment options for first responders. Chris is active and engaged with Reps for Responders and Warriors Heart healing programs and has achieved complete and total sobriety from alcohol since March 2020.