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Cristina is a Health COACH athlete (former competitive powerlifter, current Crossfitter) with extensive education in behavior change, exercise physiology and health promotion. Through fitness, Cristina cultivated a greater sense of wellbeing and mental toughness, and realized that exercise was way more than just about aesthetics. She now advocates for exercise and movement as one piece of the puzzle to helping people better manage stress and build resiliency. Cristina has been actively engaged in the lifting community for 6 years, and attributes it to helping her through many stressful moments. Cristina also brings a unique perspective to Reps For Responders. She is a “LEO girlfriend” so she understands first hand the lifestyle of a police officer, and can empathize with friends, family and those in relationships with first responders. She has personal experience supporting active recovery from alcohol addiction as a partner, and can especially support friends and family as their loved one begins or continues the journey of recovery.
Cristina currently works in the Wellness Benefits space, consulting and strategizing with employers to implement benefits that improve the mental and physical health of their employees. In her free time, you can find Cristina at her local Crossfit box, practicing yoga, cooking up a storm, or adventuring outdoors.