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My name is Jason. I have been a Police Officer for 14 years. I was hired by NYPD in 2005 and worked operation impact and 4x12 patrol until I transferred to White Plains Police Department in 2007. I spent about 18 months on patrol and then was moved to the Emergency Service Unit. We specialize in rope rescue, vehicle extraction, and special weapons and tactics. One of the minimal requirements is that you pass a Cooper test ( 1.5 mile run, push ups, and sit-ups according to age and gender) in the 70th percentile. It was a huge part of why I took such interest in being in shape and helping my fellow co-workers achieve the same goal. I am now a state certified PT instructor who runs the Cooper tests to screen new applicants who apply for my unit. I am a Crossfit instructor in my spare time and have been since 2014. I also am a cohost of Inside the Labyrinth Podcast powered by Reps For Responders!