I am writing this to state how much Reps for Responders means to me. At a really low point in my life, I reached out for help and Reps for Responders was there for me. I sat in the first virtual meeting, listened to other men and women, first responders, essential personnel that understood my challenges, my obstacles, my issues without judgement. I broke down and admitted a very ugly secret, one I had never verbalized to anyone else. What happened was after that meeting was concluded, Frank and Joe held a 10-85 meeting for me. For the next hour, we spoke, I verbalized my pain, cried without any shame, without any judgement and realized that I had hit rock bottom and was shown that once you've hit that point, there is only one direction to travel, up. If you need to talk to someone and you are OTJ, this really is the only organization I trust. There is empathy and professionalism to assist you. Fidelis Ad Mortem Anonymous
by Anonymous
03 January 2021