I don’t know how else to start this but to say thank you, over and over again. I was at a low point in my life. I was constantly tired, not eating right, working a lot, not really sleeping, and not working out that much. I had no drive to better myself and felt so down about myself. I was constantly saying I need to do this or need to do that and just kind of left it as that. I didn’t have a positive outlook on things changing so I just never even tried. Reps for Responders gave me an amazing opportunity and I knew from that moment, I had no choice but to get my butt in gear and turn my life around, mentally and physically. They connected me with a trainer, Dani. I can not say enough good words about her! She pushed me day in and day out. She really took the time to get to know things I did and didn’t like. She tailored my workouts to me and pushed me to try new things. My work schedule was hectic and there were times where I missed workouts but I continued to see results and I just kept wanting to push harder and better myself. 60 days later, I am now 15 pounds down and feeling amazing! I am happier, healthier, sleeping better, feeling better at work, and I have more of a positive outlook on life. It may have only been 2 months but the 2 months completely changed me, for the better. I can’t thank Reps for Responders and Dani enough for everything they have done for me!
by Krystina
03 January 2021