Working with Dani over the last 60 days has not only been successful but also educational. Before i never had a regimen with eating or working out, and wasn’t very disciplined When it came to my nutrition. I was always the type to just go for the sweets or have what i want for lunch because I’m a person of convenience. Being a cop sometimes you look for the most convenient thing available instead of going for the most nutritional. Working with Dani I was able to find different foods that helped with my energy levels and a routine that fits into my lifestyle that mainly involves balancing long work hours and family. I redeveloped the discipline i used to have and through successfully meal prepping, formulating a workout plan that worked for me, and prioritizing sleep and balanced nutrition I was able to lose 18 pounds and am still on track to continue my progress. My strength has increased tremendously as well now that I’m eating and training properly and I’ve come to enjoy other forms of cardio other than walking on a treadmill for 40 minutes. Now i make it fun by going on long family walks and each one i make more challenging. Thank you Dani for the guidance and knowledge and thank you Reps for Responders!
by Shane
03 January 2021