• Reps for Responders is a non-profit fitness gym in Rockland County, NY
  • The RFR team consists of caring & dedicated individuals with extensive fitness backgrounds and experiences overcoming obstacles


  • Free entry to all first responder and military personnel at Iron Fist Athletics Gym every Saturday from 10:30AM - 1 PM)
  • ResponderTalk via Zoom (Wednesdays at 12:30 PM & Sundays at 7 PM)




Recovery Coach

Frank has always felt called to give back to his community. His community service began as an Eagle Scout and a volunteer firefighter in his late teens. Frank played High School football and received the coaches and Nick Zadrima award. Frank went on to play at the college level at Suny Cortland where he majored in Criminology. He spent much of his time in the gym training for powerlifting competitions and competed in the Worlds WABDL competition in Las Vegas, coming in second place in the deadlift in his weight class and age group of 20-23 year olds. In 2014, Frank graduated and went on to pursue his personal training certification as a way to help people reach their fitness goals. Frank recently began training for Strongman, has competed in a few shows, and plans to continue to compete. In July of 2015, Frank joined the NYPD Police academy. In 2018, he finally reached out for help and support with a personal struggle he was battling with. Once Frank improved mentally, physically, and spiritually, he felt called to help other first responders who struggled the way he did, and provide them a safe space to face their anxiety, depression or addiction in an environment that had brought Frank so much mental and physical strength once before. From that calling, Reps For Responders was born. One of the first people Frank helped was his own father, a true public servant and volunteer firefighter for over 40 years. Franks father has been sober since November of 2019. Frank’s mission is simple but it’s not easy: To help you be a better version of yourself as each day passes, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Frank himself has been sober from alcohol since September of 2019.


Recovery Coach, MPH

Cristina is an athlete (former competitive powerlifter, current Crossfitter) with extensive education in behavior change, exercise physiology and health promotion. Cristina not only assists with the non-profits operations, she also is the one who creates the Daily Workouts. Physical fitness has always been a major focus, and while in grad school, she dipped her toes into Crossfit and shortly after Powerlifting, as a way to get physically fit. Through fitness, Cristina cultivated a greater sense of wellbeing and mental toughness, and realized that exercise was way more than just about aesthetics. Lifting was helping her deal with some of the life stressors she was experiencing, and now advocates for exercise and movement as one piece of the puzzle to helping people better manage stress. Cristina has been actively engaged in the lifting community for 5 years, and attributes it to helping her through many stressful moments. Cristina also brings a unique perspective to Reps For Responders. She is a “LEO girlfriend” so she understands first hand the lifestyle of a police officer, and can empathize with friends, family and those in relationships with first responders. She has personal experience supporting active recovery from alcohol addiction as a partner, and can especially support friends and family as their loved one begins or continues the journey of recovery. Cristina currently works in the Wellness Benefits space, consulting and strategizing with employers to implement benefits that improve the mental and physical health of their employees. In her free time, you can find Cristina at her local Crossfit box, practicing yoga, cooking up a storm, adventuring outdoors or reading.


LCSWR, Recovery Coach

From my youth in dairy country, Wyoming County, NY, I have always been aware of the mission of service to others. "Love thy neighbor" was the guiding factor in my journey to college, graduate school and a long career in Clinical Social Work. The specializations of addiction and trauma have been the focus of my vocation for the past 40 years. As a recovering alcoholic and trauma survivor, I strongly empathize with having a brain that, when triggered, seems to have a mind of its own. I worked in Municipal Substance Abuse Counseling Centers in Rockland County, NY for 25 years : in offices, schools and on the streets of an extremely diverse population. My take-away is that our perceived differences can in no way eclipse our sameness as human beings: we all need COMPASSION. My 20 years as an Adjunct Professor at Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service and my 33 years in private practice (now in Nyack, NY) all echo the same message that resonated in the cornfields of my childhood: We are all one human race - our lives are on loan - our job is to love and care through service - and our Employer creates the results! It is my honor to be a Reps for Responders volunteer, assisting all and any First Responders in need of support.


Recovery Coach

Mike is a proud father of 3 young boys Joseph, James and Justin and a devoted husband to his wife Lisa. After more than a decade of working in fortune 500 corporate retail roles ranging from buyer, planner, business process, and learning and development, Mike realized that he was grossly overweight, depressed and neglecting both his family and his own health. Mike left corporate retail in search of a meaningful and impactful existence that resulted in finding salvation through fitness, Through his constant search Mike has become a certified yoga instructor, CrossFit coach, Spin instructor and NYS hiking guide. From that love of fitness grew a desire to give back, Mike became a volunteer firefighter for Nyack Chelsea Hook and Ladder and has recently moved to West Nyack Fire Dept. He continues to share his love of the outdoors with his children and others as their Boy Scout den leader (winner of the Boy Scout bear leader of the year for the Hudson Valley Council 2019). Mike opened an indoor cycling studio for 2 years and then sold the business and consulted on developing multiple other gym and fitness facilities. Through consulting Mike has transitioned into his current position as a licensed commercial and residential real estate agent in New York and New Jersey. The common thread in Mike’s journey has been to help people through transitions - from transitioning fashion assortments to process change to adult learning and development and from coaching, teaching, consulting and now helping people through their life transitions in moving businesses and homes Mike has always just wanted to help.


Recovery Coach

• Artist/Designer • Co-Business Owner of "No Matter What Apparel" • Dog Mom • Weightlifter • Practicer of yoga, meditation, breath work • Mental health awareness advocate • Recovery Coach & Advocate


Joe, a retired third grade detective with 25 years of service, lives in Rockland County and is the father of two daughters. Joe has always been a family man and loves to give back. He has been in the marital arts game since he was a teenager, and has obtained his a black belt in Brazilian Jizitzu. Joe still trains hard today and enjoys high intensity circuit training. Since his retirement, Joe continues to give back to his fellow first responders by helping them become better tactically, and most importantly, mentally.

Dani Tocci


Dani is a sports performance coach, who focuses on strength beyond the barbell. She has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science with a focus on Sport Psychology. She is a certified exercise and sport nutritionist. Dani has worked with NFL, MMA, Collegiate & National level athletes of all sports, including first responders and the general population. Currently, she is the head strength and conditioning coach at St. Thomas Aquinas College. Aside from coaching, she mentors students teaching them how to cope with various life skills, including drug and alcohol awareness, body image and stress.

Angel Torres

US Army Veteran

After an airborne operation accident in the military took me out of the service, I had to find a purpose. Powerlifting has given that to me in more ways than one. I had a left hip repair and 3 osteoplasys, right quad, mpfl and knee repair, jaw repair and a septum repair. Anyone would have quit, but my wife and this team has always been there. I have to be thankful and inspire just one.

Brad W

NJ Detective and Master Resiliency Trainer NJ State

Brad is a Detective and a 13 year veteran of Law Enforcement in NJ. He is also serves as a SWAT Operator on a Regional County SWAT Team. Brad attended the United States Military Academy at West Point as a member of the Class of 2004, where he played football. Along with his duties as a Detective and SWAT operator, Brad is a Master Resiliency Trainer for the State of NJ and teaches resiliency to Law Enforcement Officers throughout the state. He has a passion for working out and lifting heavy things and putting them down. He is a huge proponent of mental health both in the veteran and First Responder Community.


Reps for Responders (RFR) is a 501c3 established in 2020. RFR's mission is to support the mental health and wellbeing of all first responders, active or retired (Police, EMS, EMT, Military, and Corrections). To do this, RFR focuses on spreading awareness about mental health in the first responder community and advocates for first responders to reach out for help....(continued)



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Reps for Responders has helped me realize that mental health is just as important as physical health...(continued)

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I am writing this to state how much Reps for Responders means to me. At a really low point in my li...(continued)

by Anonymous first responder from upstate NY

@repsforresponders is a great non for profit organization that has helped me greatly. Frank and his ...(continued)

by Anonymous Virgina Responder

Reps has changed my state of mind by giving me a chance to be open about my demons. Being a C.O. isn...(continued)

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Even though I have a few '24s' under my belt, this recent pandemic had me seeking additional support...(continued)

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I am a 42 year old construction worker by day and a CrossFit Coach/Trainer by night. This wasn’t alw...(continued)

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Reps For Responder has changed my mindset from constantly feeling anxious and worried to feeling com...(continued)

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Absolutely great working with Dani Tocci this past month, I highly recommend anyone looking for a li...(continued)

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I want to thank Reps for Responders for helping me get back on track after a rough year. My family l...(continued)

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Thank you Reps For Responders for this opportunity! Coach Dani was awesome. Very informative, tailor...(continued)

by Shane

Working with Dani over the last 60 days has not only been successful but also educational. Before i ...(continued)

by Krystina

I don’t know how else to start this but to say thank you, over and over again. I was at a low point ...(continued)

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